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CANVAS Student Organized Autonomy Research

  Welcome to SOAR

  Student Organized Autonomy Research Group


Vehicle operating during pedestrian challengeSOAR is student-organized research organization under the CANVAS umbrella focused on building a highly autonomous* Chevrolet Bolt capable of traversing an urban scenario by 2020 as part of the SAE/GM AutoDrive Challenge Competition.

The AutoDrive Challenge competition is a three-year competition which began in the summer of 2017 and will continue through spring 2020.  A competition is held in the spring of every year in which each of the eight universities competes in both static and dynamic competitions focusing on a range of topics such as societal impacts and social responsibility, vehicle marketability, engineering robustness, and driving ability of the vehicle.


Interested in joining the team?  Head on over to our recruiting page to see areas we're recruiting in!  Positions are available in software, electrical/computer, and mechanical engineering.  We will also be recruiting in the Engineering Building lobby Wednesday and Thursday August 28th & 29th with our vehicle.  Feel free to stop by and meet the team!


 * Level 4 (SAE J3016)