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Ali Zockaie

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Ali Zockaie

Engineering Building, Room 3552
428 S. Shaw Lane
East Lansing, MI 48824

Ph.D., Transportation Systems Analysis and Planning, Northwestern University

Dr. Zockaie’s research foci are network modeling, and urban transportation planning. He has developed a framework for the reliability-based user equilibrium problem considering temporal and spatial links travel time correlation as part of his PhD dissertation. He has worked on preparing networks for simulation-based dynamic traffic assignments tools for different research projects with a good understanding of the application of these tools, analyzing simulation results, and extracting performance measures. Beside the network modeling experiences, he has conducted research on traffic flow theory, where he has integrated traffic flow theory concepts into the dynamic networks. Operation research and optimization is another field of his interest, which has led to several publications related to airline industry, facility location for alternative fuel vehicles, specifically electric vehicles. He has also engaged in some research on urban transportation planning and estimation of dynamic origin-destination travel demand through the integration of activity-based models and multi-modal dynamic microsimulation.