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Research Clusters

Photo of the CANVAS car and sensorsVisual Sensing, LiDAR, & Automated Learning

Development of the CANVAS "brain," including novel frameworks for deep learning; integrated recognition and situational awareness for high-level recognition of the environment mimicking a “superhuman” level of recognition; and sensor data fusion for the three sensor modalities (radar, LiDAR, and multispectral cameras), including optimal fusion and the integration of fusion and joint deep learning.

EM Sensing & Radar

Antenna design/integration and miniaturization, conformal antennas, multi-band antennas, radar, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and compatibility (EMC), high-frequency silicon electronics, and materials characterization.

Communication & Mobility

A multi-disciplinary group of faculty members working in connected vehicle communications and networking, Internet-of-Things (IoT), transportation and mobility planning, traffic modeling, and human-vehicle interaction.

Security, Privacy & High-Assurance Systems

High-assurance systems and cybersecurity at different layers of communications. Included in this area is MSU’s world-leading research in biometrics.